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Online and offline

Redbanana is a cloud-based platform that also works offline. All offline transactions are automatically synced with your store’s cloud once you are back online.

Process orders in seconds

With an integrated barcode scanning system, an intuitive search engine and easy product tap features,

Tracking on/off

You might have some products for which you may or may not require tracking the sale.

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Process discounts and returns

It’s easy to apply discounts, process returns or issue refunds for faulty products. Make shopping easier and more enjoyable, enhancing your customer service experience.

Email and printed receipts

Give your customers the choice of email or printed receipts. By the motivation of, go green!

Transaction logs

RedBanana logs every transaction so you can see which transactions were created and by whom. This is useful not only for verification purposes but also helps you measure your worker’s performance.

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Unlimited products

With RedBanana, there are no limits on the number of products or services you can add. Your system is optimized to handle large amounts of inventory.

Intelligent enough for product pricing

We are using different two methodologies which are one for countable products and other one for measurable products.

Bulk import, export and even edit

The export and import wizard, lets you add, update, and count thousands of inventory items at once.


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